Owing back taxes to the IRS can really stress out your clients.  Knowing their payment alternatives, being able to get them into a payment plan and IRS off their back makes a grateful, loyal client. I was surprised how fast and easy it was to use the tax return information with the software to generate a plan for addressing the delinquency.  The forms and personalized letters needed to help the client get back into compliance are part of the package.  It’s a money-making tool for the practitioner.

Claudia Hill, Editor, CCH Tax Practice and Procedure, EA/MBA      Cupertino, CA

Initially, I was skeptical. However, when I started with the software, I was surprised at how easy it is. This is a great way to help more of my clients. Making a difference together.

Tess Macaraya, CPA      Los Angeles, CA

My administrative assistant walked my client through the software, after I met with him.  The program did all the calculations and filled in all the forms.  All I needed to do was get my client’s signature and call in the result to the IRS.

Carlos S. EA      Redlands, CA

I was excited to use this software so I could save time and help more clients.
I was not disappointed.  EZTaXSolver completed all the required forms. 
It was very easy for my clients also.

Andrew G. CPA       Orange County, CA