EZTaXSolver is financial software that fully automates Tax Debt Resolution.  By using complex AI algorithms it will calculate for CNC, Partial Pay and Streamline IAs.  We guarantee the accuracy of the results and generate “signature ready” forms required by the IRS.  EZTaXSolver eliminates IRS negotiations by providing the best possible outcome accepted by the IRS.


Once you’ve determined which package will suit your business activity, click the “Buy Now” button.  You will be directed to the online application where you will be required to set up an account to continue with the purchase.  If you have purchased a package with more than one (1) license, you will be shown a screen with xx blank client spots which corresponds to the number of licenses purchased.

Webinar training is provided.  (Actually, many clients don’t require training.  The simple step by step instructions are fool proof with drop down explanations for each step.)  Your administrative assistant could input the data freeing you up to focus on more complex business.

Your client MUST have filed all back taxes and provide the financial data to “fill in the blanks.”

Now you can offer a solution to those clients with less than $10,000 of debt.  The software will provide an IRS acceptable outcome for any amount of debt up to $100,000.

The EZTaX Solver software (patent pending) is the First and Only DIY Tax Repayment cloud-based software program on the market today that can guide and provide you with a viable tax delinquency repayment plan.  EZTaX Solver software’s Artificial Intelligence algorithms, interact with your financial information input. EZTaX Solver’s proprietary 144,000 Data Points will identify your most advantageous and least expensive tax debt payment plan.  There are over 200,000 lines of code covering the nuances of every state and county’s Federal IRS scenario.  The EZTaX Solver software will automatically fill in and then print out all the required IRS Forms.  Everything you need to negotiate your tax repayment plan with the IRS!


Yes!  The EZTaX Solver software is a cloud based application developed and stored in the Amazon Web Services Cloud one of the most secure and safe architectures available today.   AWS data protection services provide encryption and key management and threat detection that continuously monitors and protects your information.  AWS identifies threats by continuously monitoring the network activity and account behavior within the cloud environment.

AWS protects web applications by filtering traffic based on rules that have been created.  AWS provides a comprehensive view of compliance status and continuously monitors the environment using automated compliance checks based on the AWS best practices and industry standards.  AWS identifies threats by continuously monitoring the network activity and account behavior within the EZTX cloud environment.

(EZTaX Solver is patent pending)

EZTX is an innovative, financial technology company.

Prior to now, EZTX had spent years as an in-house, hands-on tax consulting business resolving clients’ IRS tax delinquency debts. It soon became apparent much of the process was repeatable. The extensive hours of manual calculations could be automated using 21st century software technology. Your client will have to collect all their financial data for input into the program, that doesn’t change. BUT, when you use the EZTaX Solver software, the program will automatically and instantaneously calculate the best possible tax repayment plan; saving your client thousands of dollars.

EZTX’s focus became creating a software program that was user-friendly, efficient, affordable and cost effective to resolve client’s tax delinquency problems. EZTX brought decades of tax consulting and IRS negotiating to create this innovative software program and has “leveled the playing field” with the IRS by providing decades of tax expertise in a simple, step by step, guided software program saving clients thousands of dollars in consulting and processing fees.

EZTX was founded by a nationally renowned top Tax Attorney and Tax Law professor who brings over 30 years of tax law experience. In addition, the EZTX co-founder is a visionary businessman.
The co-founder of EZTX has a vast number of years expertise in providing tax legal counsel and litigation support.  She has two law degrees, one from University of San Diego, School of Law, J.D. Cum Laude, and a second Master’s Degree in Tax Law from New York University School of Law.  She has 30+ years representing individuals before the IRS collections group and IRS Appeals. She also works in the areas of tax controversy, focusing on company payroll tax issues, lien release and subordinations and exempt organizations before all levels of the IRS. She has represented individuals and businesses with tax issues.
  • Is vice president and a board member of the SoCal Chapter of the IFA
  • Past Vice-Chair of the American Bar Association, Tax Section, Individual & Family Income Committee.
  • Adjunct Professor Tax Law at University of California, Santa Barbara, at the Santa Barbara College of Law.
  • Adjunct Professor at Chapman University Dale E. Fowler School of Law LLM Tax Program, Divorce Taxation since 2009
  • Appointed to a Judicial Clerkship in the United States Tax Court.
  • 6 Published articles on Tax Negotiation and Controversy
  • ABA Lecturer

To round out the expertise of the EZTX company, co-founder and master mind of the EZTaX Solver software has extensive experience as a vice-president operations and sales, for a major NASDAQ corporation.  His background in engineering inspired, guided and perfected EZTaX Solver’s proprietary software enabling EZTaX Solver software to offer a faster, more reliable and more cost-effective solution than any tax resolution company.