Purchasing EZTaX Solver is the first step to IRS Tax Relief

It is important to note that you or your client must have filed all of their Federal back taxes prior to using the EZTaX Solver software.

To purchase the software application below, click the “Buy Now” button of the specific product you will need. You will be directed to the online application where you will be required to set up an account to continue with the purchase.

If you purchased a package with multiple licenses, you will be shown a screen with xxx blank client spots which corresponds to the number of licenses purchased.

Please note: once you have purchased the software and logged on we cannot and will not make any product refunds!


Description automatically generated

Single Use

Starter Package

Number of Accounts

 1  5

Price per Account

 $399  $299

Package Price

 $399  $1,495

Annual License Fee

 Waived  $100

Cloud Hosting, First Month Free
• Hosting Fee per Client, Per Month

 Free First Month $5/Month/Client  Free First Month $5/Month/Client

IRS Form 2848 Power of Attorney

 Included  Included

IRS Form 433-F

 Included  Included

EZTX Form 433-F Tandem©  

 Included  Included

IRS Form 9465

 Included  Included

IRS Cover Letter

 Included  Included

IRS Mailing Labels*

 Included  Included

IRS Acceptable Solutions Analysis:
• Currently Not Collectible
• Partial Pay Installment Agreement
• Streamlined Installment Agreement

 Included  Included

Getting Started Webinar

 Free  Free


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* Different IRS forms and different client addresses will go to many different IRS Offices. The software automatically identifies and prints all proper IRS destination mailing labels. This is a major time saving and eliminates administrative guesswork and errors.