Q:  How fast do you get results with the IRS?

A: You must first sign, date, and mail the completed IRS forms and supporting documentation to the IRS.  Allow 4-6 weeks for processing, then call the IRS to confirm someone has been assigned to handle your account.  Your approximate time can be anywhere from 4 to 8 weeks.  For optimum and fastest results, we recommend the services of our team of tax professionals who are licensed by the IRS to represent delinquent taxpayers.  Our IRS negotiators can expedite the entire resolution in a matter of days.

Q: What information will be required to start the EZTX Solver software process?

A: Click here for a comprehensive list of documents and financial information you will need to input into the software program.

Q: How will I know which number to call for the IRS?

A: Here is the IRS official phone number: 1-800-829-1040. It is not unusual to be on hold for an hour before your call will be answered.

Q: Do I need proof of my answers to financial questions?

A: Yes, however this is quite easy as you will use all your financial information from the list of required documents.

Q: What states do you cover?

A: We cover all 50 States and Puerto Rico

Q: If I have not filed my taxes for a few years what happens?

A: All back taxes need to be filed and posted with the IRS before the IRS accepts any delinquency resolution.

Q: What if I have tax filings in more than 1 state, do I need to buy more than 1 software program?

A: The IRS only collects Federal Taxes; the program is applicable for all States and Territories for IRS debt only.

Q: What if I don’t have the answers to some questions, can I guess?

A: No, if necessary make a request for missing documents (for example go to HR to get payroll and deduction information). You will have to sign all IRS Forms under penalty of perjury. Guessing may make you guilty of such.

Q:  Does the software guarantee results?

A: Every problem has at least one solution. The software calculations will always identify the least expensive Tax Problem resolution the IRS has to accept.

Q:  How can I be assured the calculations are correct?

A: Not only will the calculations always be correct but the most legally affordable resolution (acceptable to the IRS) will also be identified.

Q:  Does the company give a software refund if I can’t finish it?

A: No but we can provide private coaching for a modest fee to successfully complete the program. 

Q: Why is it important that my financial information is accurate?

A:  You must be accurate and truthful when you input your financial information as you are required to sign all official IRS forms under penalty of perjury.

Q: What is the best approach when talking to the IRS?

A: Be polite and non-confrontational, be truthful but do not volunteer or divulge any unnecessary financial information.

Q: What if the IRS has already garnished my wages?

A: The best option will be to purchase and complete the software program before the next pay period ends and negotiate an alternate payment plan with the IRS.

Q: What happens if the IRS has already implemented a bank levy on me?

A: Bank Levy If you currently have an IRS imposed Bank Levy you cannot use the EZTX Software program.  Any/all bank levies must be removed prior to using the software or negotiating any settlements with the IRS.  Our EZTX team of licensed tax professionals can help you get the bank levy removed.  Contact us at INFO@EZTX.com.

Q: What happens if (in the future) my financial situation changes and I cannot meet the payment plan?

A: This represents a new situation that will have to be explained to the IRS in detail and an alternate resolution path will have to be taken. This will require doing a new proposal to the IRS, possibly even a “Currently Non Collectible” status could be negotiated. As always, the software’s Artificial Intelligence Algorithms will determine the least expensive option for the delinquent taxpayer.

Q: Can I get support from EZTX if I don’t understand something?

A: Yes, send us an email to help@eztx.com and we will respond within 24 hours.  Or,we can provide private coaching for a modest fee to successfully complete the program.

Q: How secure is my financial information using the software?

A: The EZTaX Solver software is a cloud based application that is stored in the AWS cloud.  AWS was designed with security in mind.  It is high-performing, resilient, and has an efficient infrastructure. World-class security experts monitor our infrastructure and maintain our broad selection of innovative security services. Some of the largest companies in the world (such as NetFlix, Liberty Mutual, NASDAQ etc.) all use AWS cloud. 

Q: How long does EZTX keep my information?

A: Once a client’s case is resolved all information will be removed from the secure cloud platform and moved to a secure off-line storage vault.

Q: Can I download the software to my own desktop?

A: No, the software is cloud based and only accessible by desktop, laptop or tablet.

Q: How often is the software updated to incorporate new tax rules/laws?

A: The software program is frequently updated as required to stay current with the latest IRS rules and changes.

Q: Can I share the program with my friend who also has tax problems?

A: NO, for obvious security reasons only one user (individual, family or small business) can complete the program.

Q: What if I am audited, do you stand behind your software?

A: We can professionally represent you with our team of tax pros who are licensed to practice before the IRS. Such representation is not free. Generally, audits happen if the IRS feels that your financial situation hasn’t been truthfully stated. Keep in mind that the IRS most likely has more records about your finances than you can possibly remember.